I am
René Ewals

I’m a published fashion, commercial, lifestyle & portrait photographer operating from The Netherlands.

Having been interested in fashion for a long time, it seemed only natural that my photography developed into the field of fashion, commercial & lifestyle as well as portraiture. My career as a director for a big international operating company and my other life as a professional dancer sharpened my eye for detail and style. For me, showing the femininity and the strength of the fashion and the contrast between being feminine and strong are compelling elements. A well-done shoot for me is where the personality of the model makes the fashion stand out.

The result? I photographed numerous eventful occasions and people all over the world. My curiosity to go out and explore has brought me on a variety of creative and adventurous places all around the world. Working on major projects in big teams for major clients. This experience is now applied in my photography as well.

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